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Yoga Teacher Trainings in Europe with Rainbow Yoga:


(Rainbow Kids and Family Yoga, Rainbow Partner Yoga)

ieva WildLoveBeamer
ieva WildLoveBeamerFounder
ieva is an AcroYoga.org certified teacher, Thai Yoga Massage practitioner, Ecstatic Dance teacher, and senior Rainbow Yoga teacher trainer facilitating 3-day Kids & Family and Partner Yoga Teacher Trainings worldwide.

“My main focus is to bring people together via the fun, interactive & Emotional Intelligence harnessing power of social yoga – be it corporate team-building events, family yoga or workshops at visionary festivals. I see more similarities than differences between us.

In the recent years, yoga teacher trainings and Yoga Holidays became the focus of my work, as I witness these highly receptive types of settings to be the most life enhancing and transformational for my students and myself.”

  • AcroYoga Level I (AcroYoga.org)
  • Pregnancy Thai Massage with Kira Balaskas (Thai Yoga Massage Association)
  • Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage with Krishna Takis (Sunshine Network)
  • Family & Community Yoga trainings with Gopala Amir Yaffe (Rainbow Yoga)
  • Fertility, Pre- & Post-Natal Yoga with Francoise Freedman (Birthlight)
  • Pregnancy Yoga with Nadia Nairan (TriYoga)
  • Doula Foundation Course with (BirthBliss Doulas)
  • Ecstatic Awakening Dance with Amoda Maa Jeevan and Beckie Hanscombe (School of Ecstatic Movement)

ieva also holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology, Foundations in Transpersonal Counselling and over 7 years’ experience working at various Community Integration projects with Outreach Support Teams in London. These trainings combine to create a well-rounded yoga and dance experience, aiming at different human developmental stages of life. This includes Partner, Community and Family Yoga, Fertility, Post- and Prenatal Yoga, Parent and Baby, Toddler’s, Kids and Teens Yoga.

12 Things You Really Need To Know About Me

  1. I am a vegan, urban yogini & dancer, believing in humanity’s potential to grow, and be kind.
  2. Since English is not my mother tongue, when I speak, I love playing with accents, which I can as nobody is expecting me to speak ‘clean’ English. This way I entertain myself!
  3. I love playing with words. I think I got this ‘hobby’ from my dad. I use words like ‘Playshop’ instead of a ‘Workshop’ as I tend not to work but play. I believe what we make of life is all down to our attitude! After I named my longer teaching sessions ‘Playshops’ it went viral over other facebook events. Suddenly, I was invited to a variety of playshops: laughter playshop, coaching playshop, raw food playshop amongst many! So beware – my words could become part of your vocabulary! Similar outcomes came from the use of ‘HuMandala Yoga’ and ‘Social Yoga’ terms… I tend to inspire light-heartedness in more or less direct ways!
  4. Competition and achievement and being the best were regarded highly within my family, which lead to numerous ballet competitions where I excelled, until I had an accident that injured my foot. It was many years later that I rediscovered dance in a much more holistic form. I deeply understood what dance is about and why people dance in general; that it is not for performing – it is the most natural human expression of our soul, of our joy of life; when all of my psyche is in motion and all of my being is being expressed in the moment as a natural, and liberating act.
  5. I have always felt like the Ugly Duckling – looking for my tribe. It’s what sets me apart, that compels me to create community and bring people together.
  6. Meditation, physical activity & feeling connected to oneself, and others makes us happy, so I devote my life to developing and sharing a wide variety of physical, emotional and spiritual practises that are fun and easy to incorporate into the lives of the modern, urban human beings that we are.
  7. I think that life is so wonderful so and much more, when shared with other people, when our natural, joyous, creative, ecstatic, wild nature is expressed through body movement.
  8. I love doing Private Partner Yoga sessions for expectant couples. It fills me up with joy and gratitude to give this gift I can share with you. These private classes offer a unique method of connecting with your baby; and with your partner. This increases the enjoyment as well as aids preparation for birth, for both partners.
  9. Since being a young girl, I have always loved listening to Bob Marley, dancing and dreaming of the utopian world.
  10. I think that as a society, we are beating ourselves up more than necessary: ecological problems, moral problems, personal problems, self esteem, self worth and so on. I want us to believe that we are already beautiful as we are! I want to provide a space to practise this belief, which from my point of view, is that all that we need: connection, compassion, joy and happiness.
  11. Truth for me is what makes us happy & learning how to facilitate it.
  12. I am here to help you lean into your own truth and discover what makes YOU truly happy, through meditation, yoga, dance and freedom of mind through movement.
DinoLoveBeam Director
Dino is the main point of contact for registering teachers, business and booking enquiries.

Partner Yoga teacher and reliable AcroYoga base, Dino is certified by Rainbow Yoga (200hr) covering Kids & Family, Community & Partner Yoga, as well as an AYfit (AcroYoga.org) trainer.

He offers a calm and playful approach to teaching, and in AcroYoga leads by example to base partners of all shapes & sizes.


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