Social Yoga for Team-building, Events & Holidays focused on: AcroYoga, Partner Yoga, Family Yoga, Inversions, Restorative Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage.

CPD courses for Yoga Teachers in London.

Rainbow Kids, Family & Partner Yoga Trainings with Rainbow Yoga:

ieva WildLoveBeamer
ieva WildLoveBeamerFounder
ieva is an AcroYoga.org certified teacher, Thai Yoga Massage practitioner, Ecstatic Dance teacher, and senior Rainbow Yoga teacher trainer facilitating 3-day Kids & Family and Partner Yoga Teacher Trainings worldwide.

“My main focus is to bring people together via the fun, interactive & Emotional Intelligence harnessing power of social yoga – be it corporate team-building events, family yoga or workshops at visionary festivals. I see more similarities than differences between us.

In the recent years, yoga teacher trainings and Yoga Holidays became the focus of my work, as I witness these highly receptive types of settings to be the most life enhancing and transformational for my students and myself.”

  • AcroYoga Level I (AcroYoga.org)
  • Pregnancy Thai Massage with Kira Balaskas (Thai Yoga Massage Association)
  • Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage with Krishna Takis (Sunshine Network)
  • Family & Community Yoga trainings with Gopala Amir Yaffe (Rainbow Yoga)
  • Fertility, Pre- & Post-Natal Yoga with Francoise Freedman (Birthlight)
  • Pregnancy Yoga with Nadia Nairan (TriYoga)
  • Doula Foundation Course with (BirthBliss Doulas)
  • Ecstatic Awakening Dance with Amoda Maa Jeevan and Beckie Hanscombe (School of Ecstatic Movement)

ieva also holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology, Foundations in Transpersonal Counselling and over 7 years’ experience working at various Community Integration projects with Outreach Support Teams in London. These trainings combine to create a well-rounded yoga and dance experience, aiming at different human developmental stages of life. This includes Partner, Community and Family Yoga, Fertility, Post- and Prenatal Yoga, Parent and Baby, Toddler’s, Kids and Teens Yoga.

12 Things You Really Need To Know About Me

  1. I am a vegan, urban yogini & dancer, believing in humanity’s potential to grow, and be kind.
  2. Since English is not my mother tongue, when I speak, I love playing with accents, which I can as nobody is expecting me to speak ‘clean’ English. This way I entertain myself!
  3. I love playing with words. I think I got this ‘hobby’ from my dad. I use words like ‘Playshop’ instead of a ‘Workshop’ as I tend not to work but play. I believe what we make of life is all down to our attitude! After I named my longer teaching sessions ‘Playshops’ it went viral over other facebook events. Suddenly, I was invited to a variety of playshops: laughter playshop, coaching playshop, raw food playshop amongst many! So beware – my words could become part of your vocabulary! Similar outcomes came from the use of ‘HuMandala Yoga’ and ‘Social Yoga’ terms… I tend to inspire light-heartedness in more or less direct ways!
  4. Competition and achievement and being the best were regarded highly within my family, which lead to numerous ballet competitions where I excelled, until I had an accident that injured my foot. It was many years later that I rediscovered dance in a much more holistic form. I deeply understood what dance is about and why people dance in general; that it is not for performing – it is the most natural human expression of our soul, of our joy of life; when all of my psyche is in motion and all of my being is being expressed in the moment as a natural, and liberating act.
  5. I have always felt like the Ugly Duckling – looking for my tribe. It’s what sets me apart, that compels me to create community and bring people together.
  6. Meditation, physical activity & feeling connected to oneself, and others makes us happy, so I devote my life to developing and sharing a wide variety of physical, emotional and spiritual practises that are fun and easy to incorporate into the lives of the modern, urban human beings that we are.
  7. I think that life is so wonderful so and much more, when shared with other people, when our natural, joyous, creative, ecstatic, wild nature is expressed through body movement.
  8. I love doing Private Partner Yoga sessions for expectant couples. It fills me up with joy and gratitude to give this gift I can share with you. These private classes offer a unique method of connecting with your baby; and with your partner. This increases the enjoyment as well as aids preparation for birth, for both partners.
  9. Since being a young girl, I have always loved listening to Bob Marley, dancing and dreaming of the utopian world.
  10. I think that as a society, we are beating ourselves up more than necessary: ecological problems, moral problems, personal problems, self esteem, self worth and so on. I want us to believe that we are already beautiful as we are! I want to provide a space to practise this belief, which from my point of view, is that all that we need: connection, compassion, joy and happiness.
  11. Truth for me is what makes us happy & learning how to facilitate it.
  12. I am here to help you lean into your own truth and discover what makes YOU truly happy, through meditation, yoga, dance and freedom of mind through movement.
DinoLoveBeam Director
A Web Developer by trade, Reliable AcroYoga base, Dino is certified by Rainbow Yoga (200hr) covering Kids & Family, Community & Partner Yoga, as well as an AYfit (AcroYoga.org) trainer.