Music of the Month for this November is a lullaby!

As most of you know, we are enjoying our time with our newborn at the moment, and how lucky it was when I remembered a lullaby I used to play for the kids when I was working as a nanny whilst studying at university in London.

Our little one loves it and I am looking forward to playing it at our Kids and Family Yoga classes during ‘quiet time’.

And not only does our baby boy enjoy it, but we love it too!

It was created by a beautiful Mapuchan woman from Argentina named Beatriz Pichi Malen. Mapuchan follows oral traditions and Beatriz Pichi Malen passes on knowledge through music.

I love these words from Beatriz:

Our singing is almost an invocation. It arises from a moment, a fact, or a natural resourse. Whatever the situation may be, provided it is considered important. It deserves that emotion to be ex-pressed (to take out what is restrained) and for this reason, we find songs to harvest time, to say the las goodbye to a dead wife or to render homage to wind. feeling are expresed in many ways and one of them is the singing that is only another way of speaking the mother land, language with its own sounds. This is the reason why these songs are almost a capella and that has to do with that sacred sense. It must be added that the singing is never intonated in the same way, owing to the fact that they are emotions arising out of feelings and it is at that moment when they become sacred.

And now enjoy the enchanting voice of Beatriz. Sweet dreams!

With so much mama love,